We are a Christian charity (Registered Charity Number 1151171) based in the Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire, England.

We raise funds and make grants to support projects in Nzara and elsewhere in South Sudan that are initiated by the local communities.  South Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world.

The initiative to support the Christians in the Southern part of Sudan was first taken by The Team Council of the Pewsey Vale Team of Churches in 2006 when they decided to support the ministry of The Reverend Samuel Peni following a six week visit by him.  The Sudan Support Group was created and funds raised for a Youth Festival, bicycles and for an AIDS awareness programme for youth leaders.  In March 2010 Samuel became the Bishop of Nzara and after consultation with the community in Nzara it was decided that education was key to the future well-being of the people.  Education continues to be the charity’s main focus (2022).

In 2019 Bishop Samuel became the current Archbishop for Western Equatoria Internal Province in South Sudan.  The Reverend Richard Mbikoyesu Aquilla was consecrated and enthroned as the new Bishop of Nzara Diocese on the 11 August, 2019.

Education is understood to be key to the development of independence, confidence and dignity in the people of South Sudan.  Consequently, they will be able to apply themselves to using discoveries from other developed societies when building an infrastructure for the future of South Sudan.  Education is a gift that will enable the people to serve each other and God to the full as God intends. 

The Sudan Support Group pledged £2,225 per year in 2010 to fund Nursery education and St Timothy’s school was born, though buildings were not available for shelter and the children met with teachers under Mango Trees for their education.

The school grew and the charity grew as further support was needed due to growth and inflation.  In 2011 the Sudan Support Group was formalised into The St Timothy Foundation and registered with the Charity Commission.  The first classroom block for St Timothy’s Pre-Primary School was built and in 2012 a second block of two classrooms built.  The extension included a Primary school to provide education to year 4 i.e. age 12 years in South Sudan.  In 2019 a further three classrooms were added.  The school, in 2022, now boasts over 1,000 pupils, and has three further year groups, taking primary education to children aged 15 years, many of whom qualify for secondary education.  The Foundation has its core focus on funding the provision of high quality education for the children in the Diocese of Nzara.

After the Lambeth Conference in August 2022 Bishop Richard and Archbishop Samuel visited the Vale of Pewsey with their wives and met many of their supporters and updated them on the situation in South Sudan.  In particular, they expressed thanks for the support that has been given to the St Timothy Pre-primary and Primary School in Nzara.  They declared that it is considered to be the best school in Nzara, evidenced by its rapid growth to over 1,000 pupils.  

South Sudan, despite separating from Sudan and becoming an independent country in 2011 continues to suffer from sporadic rebel insurgence plus broken infrastructure.

The St Timothy Foundation volunteers work tirelessly with Bishop Richard to supply funding for the school and other local projects in Nzara.

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