Nzara Borehole

Old water taps were a long distance from the village where St Timothy’s School was based and were overcrowded with people collecting water.  Each day it took several hours for the women to collect and deliver water to the school and the community.  To have a local borehole that provided clean, fresh water was essential not only for health but for the smooth and efficient running of the school and to free up many hours that could be used in developing skills to care for families and create small businesses.

The St. Timothy Foundation was able to partner with Fields of Life who had a team in South Sudan drilling boreholes.  The borehole was completed soon after in the first quarter of 2015 and has since provided water locally for carriage to St Timothy’s School, the Health Clinic, the ECS School and 500 families of, on average, 7-12 members.

In 2024 we are seeking funds for a new borehole in  St Timothy’s School.  The school is growing and therefore more water conveniently stored for maintaining cleanliness and hydration of the staff and pupils there is essential.

Four women carry water to the school each day from the existing borehole about one kilometre away.  Each day, 1,600 litres are taken to the school – 1,000 litres for drinking and 600 for cooking. 

The children are in school from 7am to 3pm.

More water is needed. At least 50% more is needed. And this excludes flushing toilets and washing hands….. (the people eat with their hands but are unable to wash them before eating).

A borehole in the school is urgently needed to supply water within the school grounds and to be connected to the places of need.