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February 2021

Thank you to those who have supported the St Timothy Foundation through the Lent Collection Box. As we cannot distribute the boxes in the traditional way this year (2021), please use this file to make you own box as a 7cm cube (cereal packet?), or in any way that will help you remember our young brothers and sisters in Nzara.



December 2020

This is the time of year when we would begin promoting our “Alternative Burns’ Night” with curry and country dancing! Unfortunately, like nearly all our fundraising events this year, it cannot take place. However we hope to arrange an alternative when it’s safe to do so. 

The absence of our fundraising events has, I’m afraid, left a hole in our budget this year which is the reason for our Advent Appeal. As in this country our teachers in Nzara still needed to be paid during their lockdown. Our students in Kampala also needed more funds for accommodation and food due to their extended stay. All in all a drain on our limited funds – If you are in a position to give us additional support at this time through our Advent Appeal we and our friends in Nzara would be very grateful. 

Further details on how you can give can be found on our Donate page.

We the Trustees wish you a blessed Christmas and better 2021.
Mike Mason, Chairman 


October 2020

Following Covid lockdown at Saint Timothy’s school it was possible to reopen on the 5th of October 2020. The school now numbers 1,218 children having started 10 years ago with 43 children under a mango tree and that first group will be taking their leaving exams at the end of the school year in February 2021. All the education has been with Ugandan syllabus and exams. The school covers the full number of years of primary education in South Sudan which goes up to mid teens and we also have some preschool classes. 

There are now 18 teachers, many of them qualified, with some extra help in the classrooms. Thanks to help from the diocese it has been possible to send a few helpers to teacher training college in Kampala thus strengthening the teaching staff. 

The necessary building programme is almost complete and Saint Timothy foundation has been able to supply two double classrooms and at the beginning Barnabas fund supplied one double classroom. 

A few years ago it became apparent that the senior girls would find it very difficult to complete their education and a project to send hygiene kits was completed by supporters in the Pewsey area. Eventually it was possible to get the suitcases of kits out to Kampala and they were then taken up to Nzara. The girls were absolutely delighted with the gift and it is hoped a small business to continue supplies may be possible in Nzara.

Photographs of the students and particularly the older girls show children looking very neat in uniforms and the compound is well built and has a wall around it.

This year we sent an extra gift so that the children could have soap to wash their hands as required by Covid protection.

Washing is difficult on the school site because all water has to be carried in from a borehole 1 km away. If the water level gets too low then the distance is 2 km. The water is brought in by six women who receive a small wage but there is a real need to resolve this problem.

Virtually all the support for Saint Timothy foundation comes from the Pewsey area and the trustees wish to express their thanks to all those who have given and continue to support the ongoing work of this primary school in an area where such an opportunity is essential for the future of the children. 

To make a donation to this work, please use the link below.

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