About Us


The St Timothy Foundation was formed in the Pewsey Vale Team of Anglican churches in the Salisbury Diocese in 2006.  The Salisbury Diocese supports the Episcopal Church of South Sudan generally and St Timothy’s Foundation supports, in the main, the education of women and children in the Diocese of Nzara.

In particular, the Foundation has funded the creation of St Timothy’s Nursery and Primary School in Nzara. In 2021 the first children graduated from it.  There are around 1200 pupils in the school.  The Foundation is also supporting the training of two teachers who are now completing their final year of exams.  They will join the teaching staff at St Timothy’s.  As we continue to raise funds to support St Timothy’s Primary School we are also helping with the basic needs for starting a St Timothy’s Secondary School.  So far we have financed the wood for the locals to make the desks and benches the 30 plus children and their teachers need when they meet under a tree for lessons.

There are other initiatives too which we make donations to depending upon the finance at our disposal.  So far we have supported

  • a three-year Women’s Education Programme
  • an Aids awareness campaign
  • bicycles for youth workers
  • a young people’s music festival
  • Microfinance for women.This project enables women to start a business with an injection of cash which is repaid once the business is profitable.  The start up cash is then passed to another lady to start a business and the cycle begins again.
  • training of traditional Birth Attendants
  • hygiene kits for girls
  • a borehole for clean, safe water
  • a wall around the primary school for safety
  • provision of Amoxycillin to the Medical Centre

All the funds raised are either from our sponsors or fundraising events that we organise and are passed onto Nzara.

Please use the Contact Us page if you would like to know more or would like to join us in our support of Nzara.