About Us

3We raise money through fundraising events and donations to support various projects chosen by Bishop Samuel Peni and the local community in Nzara, South Sudan. 

These have included a Three-year Women’s Education Programme, an Aids awareness campaign, bicycles for youth workers and a young people’s music festival. 

Currently we are funding St Timothy’s School, a women’s microfinance initiative, training of Traditional Birth Attendants, a new borehole for clean, safe water and a wall round the school to keep pupils safe from motorcycles.

Bishop Samuel has written to us about the project: “Your support to us in Nzara has been great.  We thank you so much for it.  Without it we could find it impossible to get something moving.  May God bless you abundantly to bless others.

The 10 women who received the first ever microfinance in Nzara have brought life and hope in their homes and community.  May God bless all those behind you.  Pass my greetings to all in Pewsey.  May God bless you.”

Bishop Samuel Peni