South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011.

The Foundation Stone for the first building block of two classrooms for St Timothy’s School was laid and blessed by Bishop Samuel Peni.

The Sudan Support Group paid for one two-classroom block with the help of securing a grant and provided furniture, a water tank and a wooden security fence.  The school was named St Timothy after Timothy in Paul’s epistles.  He was a young and trusted disciple of Paul.  By now there were 135 pupils!  Bishop Samuel asked for a second fully qualified teacher from Uganda.

He also asked for help to establish a second smaller school, Diawo school in Ringasi.  This was because the only available education to the children there was across a dangerous highway crossing.  Some children had already been killed trying to cross the busy road to reach St Timothy’s.

The Sudan Support Group agreed to these requests.

The Microfinance project was expanded to 39 ladies with an increase to £200 capital per lady loaned.  28 of the women met and resolved to pay an interest of £5 on their loans to expand the fund value and enable a gradual increase in the number of ladies who could take a loan in the scheme.