In 2018 The Foundation decided to fund two local young people for teacher training at Kampala International University in Uganda.  Uganda was chosen for the quality and content of its preparation of new teachers.  The two students have agreed to return to Nzara as full-time teachers for some years to come post qualification.  In the meantime, they will return during the holidays between semesters (two each year) and teach in St Timothy’s to gain valuable experience but also to support the existing teachers in the school.

The students are expected to pass their final exams by the end of 2022 and begin teaching at St Timothy’s on a permanent basis from January 2023.

This is what James, one of the students says,

I was desperate for help to go to university and had been trying to find a way for a year after I finished school.  It was then that an offer of help came from The St Timothy Foundation.  I am so grateful to The St Timothy Foundation for sponsoring me and paying for me to go to a good university and enabling me to travel to Kampala and stay there during the semesters.  I am so happy to have this opportunity to help my people. 

I am also grateful for being able to travel to another country and meet people from different places and learn from them. I am grateful that, despite Coronavirus the Foundation was able to continue supporting me with my education, cost of living and travel.  I hope to have my degree by the end of 2022 and return to Nzara to help my people.

Thank you so much to you all in the Pewsey Vale“.

James graduated in July 2023