The St. Timothy Foundation was registered as a charity with the Charity Commission and was given the charity number 1151171.  This replaced the Sudan Support Group.

There were 309 students at St Timothy’s School.  The parents increased their support for the school by providing food for the children and the firewood to cook it.  They also supplied two cooks and a person to carry water. 

The church allocated some land for growing vegetables.

Through donations and fundraising events, The St Timothy Foundation continued to support St Timothy’s School and Diawo School in Nzara in the provision of free education.  The schools are running well; the children are well behaved, follow the Ugandan curriculum and take standard Ugandan tests to monitor their achievement. The St Timothy Foundation also increased the grants to the popular and effective women’s microfinance project in Nzara to enable more women to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.  The Foundation received photographs and reports from Bishop Samuel Peni (Nzara diocese) when he visited Pewsey in June 2013.  All the work of The St Timothy Foundation in 2013 was in The Republic of South Sudan.

Once again war has broken out in South Sudan.