St Timothy’s School grew to 389 students with six teachers and six classes.  Two classes are meeting under the mango trees as there are only 4 classrooms.

A project to install a borehole to provide reliable, safe and clean water to the community of Nzara was begun.

During his visit to Nzara during June 2014 St Timothy Foundation trustee Robert de Berry became acutely aware of the inadequacies of the water supply to the community. Water was having to be collected in large, heavy plastic containers and carried on the head to the clinic and schools up to 8 times a day. Queues at the pumps and wells are long.

The St. Timothy Foundation teamed up with Fields of Life, another charity already engaged in a project drilling boreholes for water in South Sudan.  David Gough, the Fields of Life development manager negotiated their contractor to drill a borehole to supply St. Timothy’s School, Diawo School and the medical centre in Nzara plus the surrounding community.  The expected outcomes are access to safe drinking water to the pupils and the Clinic, improved health of the pupils, enough water for each day, a reduction in the burden of fetching water from very far places.

A grant was given for 30 Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) to receive training and medical kits, plus refresher training for 36 existing TBAs.  In 2014 it was recorded that one out of seven pregnant women in the South Sudan area died due to pregnancy related causes.