uring 2016 through donations and fundraising events The St Timothy Foundation has continued to support St Timothy’s School and Diawo School in Nzara providing free education to an increasing number of children.  In 2016 this has risen to 700 children.   

The St Timothy Foundation funded a large number of new desk/benches for the pupils.  These were made locally thus providing employment and income for the community.

The security wall begun in 2015 was completed.

A project to support two local people in formal teacher training has begun. 

The St Timothy Foundation has also increased the grants to the popular and effective women’s microfinance project in Nzara to enable women to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.

The Foundation received photographs and reports from trustee Robert De Berry, Ms Brenda Rice and the Reverend Mark Windsor after a visit to Nzara in March 2016.